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Do you want to successfully operate your own betting shop? May be you are a casino owner who wants to start a bookmaking business? Are you already a bookie and have a hunger for increasing sales and revenue? Have you ever dreamed of going online? Look no further!

Bet Invest Retail Management System is a fully managed sportsbook solution for land based betting shops. It features fully functional cashdesk application alongside with the choice of self-service betting terminals. All you need is several cashiers, some specified furniture and hardware.

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Pre-match and live odds

Your customers will definitely appreciate the huge range of options they can put their bets on. They will never get bored because there is always something exciting going on. By using our feed you can create for yourself a steady revenue stream.
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Professional software

We provide a state of the art cashier application for accepting bets and operating betting shop. It is well known for its stability and business orientation. It was developed and is being maintained by our own professional software developers.
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Reporting and stats systems

In - depth reporting and stats system with different levels of access control. Flexible operating time (shifts/days/selected part of the day). We help you crunch data and analyze your day to day operations fast so you always remain in profit.
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Staff training

You will get a comprehensive cashier/operator training. Well-trained employees are the key to your business success. We believe that training should not end with new workers. Manager training and development is equally important.
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Cutting-Edge Technology

In our company we believe in technology. A team of professional developers makes every effort to create the most robust and user-friendly applications on the market. Our in-browser system of displaying live odds is an example of stunning application design working great.
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Business support

We go to great lengths to make sure your business is growing every day. Wide range of marketing offers and tools to boost your revenue is provided on regular bases. So, if at any time you need to solve a problem or to ask for advice, just dial our number – 24/7.
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Virtual products

The rise of virtual sports has been incredible and Virtual Sports Betting is becoming more and more popular. You will not miss out on an opportunity to boost your revenue by offering your customers to bet on virtual sports events.
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Live sport TV

We offer your customers a great possibility to follow different live sport events. This, in turn will increase you customer loyalty and keep them entertained which is very important if you want to maintain business growth and attract new customers.

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